A vote not to have a vote.

A couple of months ago back in November I had sought out some legal advice to see if I argued taxation of the Sun that I wouldn’t seem like a crackpot and also what my chances were on an outcome. The attorney said it would like to fight this monopoly and I would likely win my case. He said it would be fun but costly.

The first step was to go to a Borough meeting and plead my case. Surprisingly some of the council members were sympathetic to what was being explained and didn’t understand why there would be a second meter to tax the sun installed. I think they are just normal people with limited knowledge on the matter being steered in the wrong direction. I really had thought that I had made progress and a couple of months went by and then I got this email.

“Good morning Scot,

The Borough Municipal Enterprise Committee reviewed the Solar Policy. They concluded that the distribution charges are fair and reasonable……”

So after the email I went ahead and called the Borough Manger Bob Thompson and in talking with him I had said that I felt like some of the council members seemed to understand and sided with what I was saying. So I asked him what the vote was and he said after he explained some things to them they decided not to vote on it. So basically there was a vote not to vote.

To me that is unacceptable. These council members are going to have to take a position. Either for or against solar.

Currently with me being the 3rd residential solar customer in the year 2021 in Borough of Ephrata I can tell you what the position is. There has to be some names to go along with these decisions. There has to be accountability.


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